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Booty Barre The newest trend in the fitness industry, already a favourite with Hollywood celebs and with millions of devotees in America, the UK, and Australia, The Body Workshop was the first to bring bootybarre to Johannesburg.

bootybarre is a high energy, calorie-burning fusion of ballet, yoga, Pilates and cardio. It tones and lifts the booty, lengthens and tones the legs and arms, and works the core muscles. Elongate, stretch, and strengthen without adding bulk – and have an exhilarating workout at the same time.

bootybarre classes incorporate small weights, bands, balls and even sliders to strengthen, tone and add fun and variety to your workout.

bootybarre was developed by fitness expert Tracey Mallet and is being taught all over the USA, and as far afield as Turkey and Japan.


bootybarre Sculpt

Sculpt classes incorporate the use of resistance bands to add a new challenge to your bootybarre class. It is recommended that you attend a few normal bootybarre classes before sculpt to have a better understanding of the form and basics.

bootybarre Platinum (Define with Age)

Platinum was designed for the more mature exerciser. It brings the low-impact, toning wonders of bootybarre, but modifies the movements to add extra support and accommodate injuries and conditions like Osteoporosis, hip-replacements, Arthritis etc.

Platinum classes can also be a great place to start if you haven’t exercised in a while and are brand new to bootybarre.

bootybarre Express

Express classes are a little shorter than the normal bootybarre class. They are generally 45mins but tend to move a little quicker than your average class.

So if you are pressed for time and are still looking for the benefits of a full class, this is the one to try!


bbarrelessbbarreless is a fusion fitness class that is based on the fundamentals of Pilates fused with dance and Yoga. It is the sister brand to bootybarre but is done in the centre of the room and has no barre.

Moves are more free and flowing and your balance and core stability is challenged throughout this class.

PLEASE NOTE: The frequency and times of classes vary due to interest and demand and can change slightly from month to month.

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